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Miscellaneous Photographs 2

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accesshatch_th.jpg (4539 bytes) captainbeach_th.jpg (5598 bytes)
A view of the access hatch leading up to Triton's bridge Captain Beach in the control room of the Triton.
commandcentre_th.jpg (4138 bytes) sailworkindock_th.jpg (5410 bytes)
The command centre of the Triton. Work on Triton's Sail progressing in dock
fittingout2_th.jpg (5650 bytes) finishingtouches_th.jpg (4908 bytes)
Triton being fitted out at Electric Boat. Finishing touches being applied to the Triton.
aftflag_th.jpg (3441 bytes) triton_cr_th.jpg (8216 bytes)
The stern casing , giving some idea of the size of the deck superstructure. Triton's official ship's emblem.

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The Crew