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Miscellaneous Photographs 1

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saildetails_th.jpg (6237 bytes)

triton&skipjack2_th.jpg (2285 bytes)

Details of Triton's huge sail.

Triton passes Skipjack

aftwithtug_th.jpg (3315 bytes)

tritonreturns_th.jpg (5051 bytes)

Triton's stern, showing her great length and high reserve buoyancy. Triton, on her return from the around the world cruise, looking a little bit worse for the wear.

aftfrombridge_th.jpg (2838 bytes)

berth2_th.jpg (5508 bytes)

The  immense size and great length of Triton become apparent in this photograph.

Triton coming along side to berth.

berth3_th.jpg (3632 bytes)

bowfrombridge_th.jpg (5627 bytes)

Triton preparing to go to sea.

View of the Triton's Bow from the bridge cock pit.

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