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Miscellaneous Photographs 3

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fingerpier_th.jpg (6571 bytes) bunkspace_th.jpg (3610 bytes)
Triton can be seen in the bottom right hand corner inboard to what I think may be one of the Skate class boats. Bunk space for enlisted crew men
envelope_th.jpg (2549 bytes) engineroom_th.jpg (3916 bytes)
Envelope made by members of Triton's crew during her submerged cruise around the world Crew man in Triton's engineering spaces
galley_th.jpg (3655 bytes) helmcontrol_th.jpg (3963 bytes)
Ship's galley, where all the meals for over 180 men were prepared Crew men in control room manning the diving planes and rudder controls
hulldiagramforward_th.jpg (2010 bytes) hulldiagramaft_th.jpg (1445 bytes)
Cutaway forward section of Triton Cutaway stern section

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The Crew