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Triton Model 2

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tritm6_th.jpg (3107 bytes) tritm8_th.jpg (6366 bytes)
Triton model, showing the unique hull form of this vessel. The knife like bow and sonar dome become apparent in this photograph. Deck detail can also be seen.
tritmintern1_th.JPG (5878 bytes) tritmintern2_th.jpg (4971 bytes)
These pictures show the internal workings of the model. The water tight cylinder that you see contains 2 -12 volt motors with 6 to 1 reduction boxes, a speed control unit, voltage regulator,automatic pitch control unit and fail safe device. Also included are 4 servo's to operate the dive planes, rudder and ballast system. Close up detail of the water tight cylinder and ballast tank arrangement.
trimintern3_th.jpg (5472 bytes) trimintern4_th.jpg (1979 bytes)
Details showing rudder and rear plane linkages. Battery compartment with foam buoyancy and gas tank for emptying the ballast. Ballast tank, gas cylinder, battery and foam.

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