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Triton Model 1

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tritm1_th.jpg (3069 bytes) tritm2_th.jpg (3389 bytes)
The Triton model is fully operational and has a gas ballast system. Detail of the sail and forward area of the model. The forward diving planes are operational.
tritm3_th.jpg (3076 bytes) tritm4_th.jpg (2644 bytes)
Triton's bow section showing where the cut is in the hull to gain entry to the internals. Triton is 7 feet long and has a maximum beam of 6.5 inches.
tritm5_th.jpg (2729 bytes) tritm7_th.jpg (3175 bytes)
The stern of Triton, showing the rudder, rear diving planes and propellers. Triton model showing the great length to beam ratio.

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