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Photographs Of The Crew 

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Nathan Blaede at work on a piece of the Tritons' machinery

This guy is Ed Raunch. He saved the ship from a very smelly cruise by fixing the GDU (garbage disposal unit).

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This is Ray O'Brien and he is plotting the ship's course during the circumnavigation.

This crew man's name is Jim Schwartz and he is doing maintenance on one of the torpedoes. Someone suggests that he may be trying to detonate the Mark 37 with a kit he bought just before Triton sailed.

This is Rene "Frosty" Freeze, who won the Best Mustache competition after the completion of the circumnavigation. Harry Olsen was the Royal Baby with the large belly. No-one has owned up to the greasy face as yet.

This is Whitey Rubb, who spent a lot of time trying to become a human fathometer when Triton's real one broke down.

This is Ed Hadley, Engineman in the A Gang

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