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Photographs Of The Crew

boreczky_th.jpg (9989 bytes)

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This is what happens to lowly Polliwogs when they cross the equator. The gentleman seated is John Boreczky and the gentleman
standing and dressed in white is Tom Thamm.

This photograph is of Bill Marshall and over his right shoulder is Floyd Honeysette

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Captain Beach celebrates a birthday while on the submerged cruise around the world. Looking on with great interest is Ramon Baney who was responsible for the cake.

This photograph shows, from bottom left:   George Sawyer. bottom right: Stan Sieveking. middle:Allen Steele. top: Jim Stark.

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torpedogang._th.jpg (10501 bytes)

Captain Beach cuts his birthday cake. Note the cake model of Triton in the lower right hand corner of the picture.

This photograph is of the Torpedo room crew.

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oldsub_sail3_th.jpg (7622 bytes)

Retrieving a practise torpedo.

A view of USS Carp SS338, from Triton's sail.

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