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Around the World Submerged


In 1960, the USS Triton (SSRN586) added a gallant chapter to naval history when she completed a voyage of 41,822 miles in 84 days to become the first submarine to circumnavigate the earth submerged. Triton closely followed the route of Ferdinand Magellan whose ship Victoria was the first to circumnavigate the globe, 1519 - 1522. The pages that follow commemorate Triton's historic voyage through photographs and text.

Only a submariner realizes to what great extent the entire ship depends on him. There is not an instant that he can escape the grasp of personal responsibility. Submariners are more than just ship's company. They are the ship. These pages are respectfully dedicated to all the submariners of Triton, both those who made the circumnavigation and those who came later. All can be proud of their place in history. Without their skill, their endurance and their dedication to duty, Triton's record of distinguished service would not have been possible.


To all crew members who contributed to the following pages go our heart felt thanks.

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