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TRITON screen play by
Marc DeLamater.

As some of you may have seen on the message board, we have a man who is intensely interested in doing a screen play about the Triton and the circumnavigation in 1960.  Marc is very keen to hear from any member of the crew who served on the Triton and who wishes to talk to him about their time on the ship. Like me, Marc is interested in getting a 'feel' for what life was like on board the Triton, at any time during her commission. The circumnavigation is the most widely publicized event that the Triton undertook, but by no means the least. Marc is not trying to gather anything 'Top Secret' but wants to know what the crew may have done for entertainment and to relieve boredom on her many cruises, along with learning what routine submarine life was all about.  I believe it would be a wonderful opportunity to let people know what serving in the United States Submarine Force in the 1960's was really all about, and serving on the Triton during her commission in particular.

Garry Gray

You can contact Marc at the address below:

Marc DeLamater

Marc C. DeLamater 
507 Somerton Place 
Cumming, GA  30040 
(678) 947-4225 


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