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HIT THE CLAXTON – PASS THE WORD – ARE YOU GOING TO BE THERE AT THE NEXT JOINT TRITON REUNION OCTOBER 18 – 22, 2006?  The TRITON Reunion Committee, Henry and Lee Jackson, Harold and Edna May Weston are all looking forward to seeing all of you at the REUNION!

Hail TRITON Shipmates!  It’s time to get busy completing the Security Forms for the TRIDENT Training Facility/Submarine tour (a completed and approved form is required for each participant), the Reunion Registration Form, the Ships Store Orders and make your reservations with the host hotel for the Joint SSN586/SS201 Reunion at Jacksonville, Florida/Kings Bay Submarine Base, St. Marys, Georgia.

In order to finalize our plans we need you to please fill out and return the SUBASE Security Form to permit timely coordination with SUBRON 10 and the SUBASE in getting our security clearances for the tour.    Getting all the forms back in the near future would also enhance our ability to deal with arranging buses, etc insuring you have a wonderful Reunion!

The following is a brief outline of our scheduled activities:

·         Wednesday, October 18, 2006 -  Hospitality Room and Memorabilia Room open at noon

·         Thursday, October 19, 2006 – Board the buses and be at the SUBASE between 8:15 and 9AM for the TRIDENT TRAINING FACILITY/ SUBMARINE TOUR

·         Thursday evening board the buses at 5:30PM to depart for the Alhambra Dinner Theatre to enjoy dinner and Rodgers & Hammerstein collaboration of Oklahoma!

·         Friday, October 20, 2006 – Board buses for a tour of historic St. Augustine

·         Saturday, October 21, 2006 – 9 – 10 AM – Business meeting in the Hospitality Room – Free day until 6:00pm when we celebrate together cocktails & sea stories followed by dinner and dancing 

·         Sunday, October 22, 2006 – Depart (We wish you fair winds and following seas)

The following has been bouncing around the Submarine Force for a while.  I received it as an email from one of our TRITON shipmates, QMC(SS) Vernon Grubbs.  I hope you enjoy the feeling of dreaming back to a time past one more time!

Forty Years Gone --- by Mike Hemming
Thirty, forty or fifty, the number doesn't matter. It's just a measure of the time that has passed. It's the faces and names of the shipmates that matter. Faces and names, names and faces, are not always matched up.
Shipmates remembered even if it's only bits and pieces. We remember in snippets of things long gone, until we sometimes ask in our own minds did that happen or was it a dream or a story passed on? We would never say that out loud, for around our old buddies we always claim to remember all the good times and sometimes the bad.
They were good men that came from all over for many reasons and sailed together for a time. A time of testing and training, for men would pass on things to you that they themselves had learned. For you were expected to pass that knowledge on to those who came after you. It was a struggle to learn it all, sometimes. But you were learning lessons taught by the school of hard knocks.
There were faces of men now gone who once fought a hot war, who told you of traditions to honor those who did not return. Men that had seen too much to even tell it all. They were fighting a hard enemy that rarely gave quarter and so none was given back.
Faces of men that sailed through the years of a long cold war to hold our enemies at bay. Sacrificing years, marriages, limbs and even their lives at times to do what they thought was right. Years of stories untold even today watching the Bear and preparing for a war. Serving on boats built to fight a hot war and then holding the line through a cold war. Until the new boats that were built for the next hot war, a war that fortunately never came.
And faces and names of those that sailed with you and now are gone these many years. We all say, "I wish I could see him one more time, but I don't know where he is."
He was an old salt that guarded your back while ashore. Or a young kid that became a man when he stood beside you and fought fire or flooding without backing down. You didn't say ''thanks' that day, but now you wish you had. They are all there in the time that has flown away from us.
We have all moved on now for better or worse. Some of them did more and some we never called upon to do more again. They returned home and went on with their lives. Names of men tested and found to be shipmates, an honor which can never be taken away. Faces with names that we shouldn't have lost as we traveled down the road. A road that led us away from what we did then as it always has to. But we shouldn't have lost all the faces and the names for all time. The faces and names of these special men that wanted to do something few can do. They did it for reasons unknown to themselves, sometimes much less to others that can never understand the pride in the accomplishment of what they did.
For when the paths we travel meet again, we will all reconnect faces and names again. But wouldn't it be nice to sit with that lost shipmate forty years gone and remember that life just one more time, right now?


HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL IN OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                               PRIDE RUNS DEEP



YNC(SS) Henry Jackson, USN (Retired)    MMCM (SS) Harold Weston, USN (Retired)        

Chairman                                                          Vice Chairman