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December  2002


First, it is with a great deal of sadness that we have added our “Noble Captain” Edward L. Beach to the list of shipmates on “Eternal Patrol”.    Ned passed away on2 December 2002, after a gallant battle against cancer.   Tentatively, his funeral is scheduled for 1200  14 January 2003 at the USNA Chapel, with burial immediately following across from Beach Hall, Headquarters of the U.S. Naval Institute. The building was dedicated in tribute to Captain Beach and his father a retired Naval Captain in 1999.

            We hope that all of you who attended the reunion in October had a great time.  We welcome comments, both positive and negative.  We want to thank the following Shipmates, wives, families and friends for attending the reunion and contributing to its success.  Here is a list of those that attended:

Will Adams

Charles Blair

Jack & Sharlene Dunn (Daughter & Son-in Law of Charles Blair

George Bloomingdale

Dave Boe

Mary Lou Bulmer &  Rebecca Wheeler

Ed Cadoret

Pete  & Jan Chabot

Cal & Joyce Cochrane

Donald & Denise Cook

Carl & Libby Daniel

Frank Darling

Terry Diehl & Caroyln Deen

Marcus Friedman

Dan & Elaine Graham

Roy & Rita Grayden

Bill Hadley

Floyd & Nancy Haley

Harry & Brenda Hampson

Larry & Sarah Hankins

Dave & Joan Hartman

Henry & Lee Jackson

Phil Kinnie & Barbara Tucker

David & Peggy Kucko

John Kuester

June Lightner

Stu MacGregor

Keith McCall

Mike McCoy

Ruth Mather & Family (Michael Mather, Elizabeth Mather, Dan Mather, Christine Mather, Jim Mather & Carson Smith)

John & Anne Moulton

Doc Moyer

Elaine Mumford

Charles & Ruth Peace

Bob & Diane Perkins

Pete & Ethel Peterson

Pete & Pam Plenninger

Bob Rawlins

Bud Rollinson

John Romagnano

Jim Schwartz

Joe & Pat Scott

Stan & Retha Sieveking

Al & Canie Steele

Al Stalb & Suzie Jacques

Sandra Rizzo & Sons (Chris & John Rizzo)

Frank Snyder & Daughter Teresa

Jim Steinbauer

Frank Studinski & Gayle Burton

John & Marilyn Tapscott & Rob & Nancy Smithwick (Daughter & Son-in-Law )

Ed & Anita Walker

Hosie Washington

Bill  & Patty Wells

Harold & Edna May Weston

Willie & Pat Williams

Don Wilson

Doc Young



 The raffles were a large success, helping to offset the costs of the bus to the waterfront and the band.  The 50-25-25 raffle collected $691.00,which was distributed as follows: First prize (50%) to Ted & Marsha Price $345.50.   Second prize  (25%) went to Charles Blair’s daughter, Scharlene Dunn  $172.75 and the Reunion “Kitty” (25%) $172.75.  The Silent Service Dolphin Afghans (1 Gold and 1 Silver) made $110.00.  Edna May Weston (winner of the gold) donated hers to the committee for sending to Garry Gray for his many years of great service in developing and maintaining a superb TRITON Web-site.

 We remind you to visit the wonderful TRITON website on the Internet that was created and maintained by our hard working Australian mates, Garry and Leanne Gray.  The address is  It appears that many of our shipmates are still not aware of this fantastic site.  Garry has a great collection of TRITON data and photos, as well as past and current reunion information and pictures.  If you haven’t visited the site, please do so.  It’s great!!! 

 Attached are the minutes of the business meeting held 26 October 2002.  Welcome our new Committee Chairman Harold Weston.

 The feasibility of holding Great Lakes, IL as the site of our next reunion in 2004, in conjunction with the dedication of “TRITON Hall” a new construction Recruit Training berthing/messing building, looks favorable at this time.   We have been in contact with the Great Lakes SUBVET, Inc CRASH DIVE Base Commander, who will assist the Committee with arrangements in the area.   We plan to visit CRASH DIVE in the future to start working out a Plan of Action & Milestones.   Any shipmates in that area interested in participating let us know.   We will keep All-Hands updated on progress.

                        This newsletter is being mailed to those crewmembers that do not have e-mail addresses.  If by chance, any of you receiving the snail mail copy, should now have e-mail, please advise Harry Hampson ( or Harold Weston ( and you will be added to the e-mail address list. The newsletter will also be posted on the website.    Every attempt has been made to locate all crewmembers.  We are working on a complete mailing list (snail mail, e-mail & phone #s) and will be sending this out the first of the year.

      May the freedom that makes our country great fill your heart and home with hope this holiday season and always.  Wishing you Good Health, Happiness, and Prosperity in the coming year.







The Committee Chairman, Harry Hampson, called the meeting to order at 0900 on 26 October 2002.  A majority of those crewmembers attending the reunion were present.

The following issues were discussed:

·        Future Reunions:  Harry Hampson discussed the issue of continuing to hold reunions every two years at different locations each time.  The members present were in agreement with that proposal.   Some alternative locations were brought up, e.g., Great Lakes, IL, Charleston, SC, Bangor, WA, San Francisco, CA, San Diego, CA.  Decision on a location will be deferred to a later date, pending Harry obtaining more information on an unofficial proposal made to him by the Great Lakes, IL SUBVETS, Inc. to host a TRITON Reunion there at the time of the dedication of a new recruit training building to be dedicated in the name of USS TRITON in 2004.  Harry agreed to research the details and provide follow-up information.

·        A motion was made regarding the paying of annual dues to defray costs of printing and mailing snail mail to our shipmates not on e-mail, as well as maintaining our Reunion Fund balance; currently, about $7,000.  Harold Weston made a motion that dues in the amount of $10.00 per crewmember be paid annually in January.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

·        Harry Hampson pointed out that Don Wilson had prepared some great philatelic first day covers to commemorate this reunion, and that there would be one for each crew member at the dinner tables.  Each crewmember at the table was requested to sign one special one to send to Captain Beach, who is fighting a good fight against cancer.

·        Harold Weston was nominated, agreed to accept the Chairmanship of the Reunion Committee for the next reunion, and was approved unanimously.  Harry Hampson will serve as his Assistant.

·        A discussion was held regarding the use of a professional Reunion Planner to plan/coordinate our future reunions.  Several members have had experience with that type of planning, one with recent experience that for a total package was about $ 800.00 for four days.  Will be looked into as a potential option in the future.

·        Harry Hampson briefly discussed the status of a screenplay that is in the final stages of writing by Mr. Mark Delamater of Atlanta, GA.  It’s currently being shopped in Hollywood for production as a movie.   

·        The meeting adjourned at 1000.

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