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Photograph Of The Week

Your Triton Web Site Crew will present a new photo on this page every week. Some will test your memory and  challenge you to respond. Others will be shots of a great boat and her great crew and will be shown just for your enjoyment.


ATTENTION ALL HANDS. Beginning this week, we will begin a new series of Triton Sailor Photos
called the TRITON HALL OF FAME. We will post a photo for 7 days or so but we're NOT going to tell 
you who it is. And the reason is - WE HAVE NO IDEA WHO IT IS! We only know it's a photo of
a 586 sailor. Your job is to tell us WHO the mystery sailor is - AND what his claim to fame was when
he was on the mighty TRITON. Rules all clear?? Right.

Hall of Fame 179

To post your answer, please click on the radar.



Hi Garry,
It's Richard Brown, Electricians Mate.
Best always,



 Charlie Cleveland with the Triton model, as it was displayed at this years "Tolling of the Bell" ceremony, honoring all US Submarines lost at sea since the beginning of the US submarine service. In New York State, this ceremony was held at the state capital of Albany, NY on Monday, April 11, 2005.

Photograph kindly sent in by Ray Misiewicz.

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