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Photographs from Crew Members

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These 2 photographs were kindly supplied by Captain Thamm, who was Diving Officer on board the Triton when she went on her submerged cruise around the world in 1960.

lcdrthamm_th.jpg (3988 bytes)

tritontrial_th.jpg (2844 bytes)

Lieutenant Commander Thamm at Triton's Periscope

Triton on her sea trials

These photographs were kindly supplied by Larry Walker who was on board until March 1965. 

triton,skipjack,nautilus_th.jpg (2357 bytes) Norfolk1_th.jpg (2563 bytes)
From left to right are the Skipjack, Nautilus, Triton and the tender Fulton. The picture was taken in 1962 at State Pier, New London , Connecticut. Triton coming into Norfolk, Virginia in early 1964.


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