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Construction of Triton

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sternsection2_th.jpg (4061 bytes)

hullcylinder_th.jpg (8078 bytes)

This is a shot of Triton's stern just before being added to the main hull. A section of the pressure hull being moved into position. The maximum width of Triton's pressure hull was 29 feet.

internalfit_th.jpg (8092 bytes)

fittingsail_th.jpg (4610 bytes)

Construction in progress. Triton's huge size becomes apparent when comparing with the figures in the background. Fitting Triton's sail to hull. The sail structure is 74 feet long, 21 feet longer than the first Holland submarine built for the US Navy.

sternsection3_th.jpg (4124 bytes)

The stern section of Triton being added prior to launch. Triton's huge length necessitated the building of the stern section on an adjacent slip way.

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