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Conning Tower

Triton Sail - Conning Tower

The "Con" or control room is where the Captain of the ship could "con"trol the ship from a
protected location.

The conning tower of a submarine was a small water tight compartment within her sail,
from which the periscopes were used to direct the boat and launch torpedo attacks. It
should not be confused with the submarine's control room, which was directly below it in
the main pressure hull, or the bridge a small exposed platform in the top of the sail.

The conning tower of the Triton arrived at the Port of Benton on July 30th 2009.



conningtower1.jpg (931479 bytes)

Conning Tower as delivered by Lampson Crane.

conningtower2.jpg (260835 bytes)

Top Hatch with water tight door - being ventilated

conningtower3.jpg (585170 bytes)

Drivers position, wheel, and direction depth gauges.

conningtower4.jpg (606573 bytes)

Drivers position, wheel, and direction and depth gauges, position plotter at left.

conningtower5.jpg (518354 bytes)

Position Plotter.

conningtower6.jpg (567117 bytes)

Position Plotter Controls.

conningtower7.jpg (610396 bytes)

Looking towards aft of conning tower, periscopes and antennae supports.

conningtower8.jpg (616428 bytes)

External radio and location equipment.

conningtower9.jpg (526695 bytes)

Aft of conning tower, seat for sailor.

conningtower10.jpg (491510 bytes)

Depth to keel gauges.

conningtower11.jpg (544962 bytes)

Sonar on left, target range and yards on right including torpedo location.

conningtower12.jpg (542682 bytes)

Non secure internal radio.

conningtower13.jpg (117818 bytes)

Breaker panel.