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Characteristics of Triton

Pressure Hull Plate 3,200 tons
Welding Wire 450,000pounds
Piping 88,000 feet
Cable 553,195 feet
Auxiliary Machinery Plant
Distillers 16,000 gallons per day
Air Conditioning 500 tons
Ships Store Refrigerator 2 tons
Electric Plant
Turbo Generators (4) Total KW rating 6,000
Each Generator 1500KW, 3 phase,60cycle,450volts
Motor Generators(2) Total KW rating 600AC
Each 300KW, AC/DC, DC/AC
Emergency Generator (1) 400KW Diesel generator
Batteries Exide MAY51A calcium grid 5500 Amphours 126 Cells
Crew Approx 180
Length Of Ship 447.5 feet
Maximum Beam 37 feet
Draught 23.5 feet
Ballast Tanks 12 ( holding approx 2,000 tons of water )
Displacement: Surfaced 5,963 tons
Submerged 7,773 tons
Speed: Surfaced 30+ knots
Submerged 27+ knots
Sonars: Active BQS 4
Passive BQR 2
Torpedo Armourment:  Bow 4  21 inch (  Manual reload capabilities only )
Stern 2  21 inch (  Manual reload capabilities only )
Fire Control System MK 101
Diving Depth: 700feet operational, 1050feet crush depth
Reactors (2) S4G   22,500hp each
Propellers (2) 11 feet diameter   5 bladed

The Electric Boat Company built the Triton using material supplied by 739 different companies in the time of 26 months on the slipway. However, Triton was still over a year from being completed and it was not until the 10th of November 1959 that she was formally commissioned into the United States Navy.