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Around The World Submerged


This photo was taken on 10 May 1960. We have just surfaced after having been submerged exactly 83 days, 9 hours and 54 minutes - a new world record and to our knowledge, a record that still stands. The long voyage is over and we have finished it on the exact day we were directed to by the Chief of Naval Operations. We are just off the coast of Delaware waiting for the chopper that will take Ned Beach to the White House. There he will be decorated with the Legion of Merit by President Eisenhower. It's a hell of a day.

On the bridge, from left to right, are Earl Ninow, Larry Beckhaus, Floyd Honeysette and Tom Thamm. Earl was the ComSubLant psychiatrist who came on board off the coast of Spain to find out whether any of us had gone bonkers. When the crew got through with Earl, he was questioning his own sanity!