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Around The World Submerged


In this photo, Doc "JC" Meaders is reading a film badge in the Radiac Room. Directed by the ship's doctor, Jim Stark, our Hospitalmen worked long and hard to keep us all in good shape. We all wore dosimeters and film badges to monitor the amount of ionizing radiation we received, but the shielding design on Triton was excellent and we don't recall anyone exceeding the allowable dosage.

The Medical Department's biggest challenge was the illness of John Poole. Jim Stark, Roy Williams, JC Meaders, Dick Fickel, and Adrian Gladd all took turns watching over him. As we neared the Falkland Islands, we hoped John was going to turn the corner but it was not to be. His condition continued to worsen and in the end, there was no decision to make. Fate made it for us. We had to get John to more sophisticated medical facilities. We reversed course and headed for Montevideo and a rendevouz with the cruiser USS Macon. John was transferred to Macon and Triton turned toward Cape Horn at flank speed.