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Around The World Submerged


Command is the most difficult job on any ship. But navigation runs a very close second. Make a mistake and your career is history. In this photo, our navigators Will Adams and Bob Bulmer discuss some options with Ned Beach. Triton had just crossed the Philippine Trench and entered Surigao Strait. The agenda for this meeting was how to transit the Bohol Strait and the Hilutangan Channel to Mactan Island, where Magellan met his death.

Like the rest of us, the navigators had only 10 days to get ready. Their primary objective was to beg, borrow or steal the chart of every ocean, sea, strait, inlet, bay and puddle that we would pass through on our voyage. Along with Bill Marshall, Adams and Bulmer spent most of those 10 days in ComSubLant's secure chart room plotting the course for our 41,821.7 mile long journey.