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Around The World Submerged


Actually, there are two men overboard. We met the destroyer, John W. Weeks (DD701), off Cadiz, Spain on 2 May 1960 to pick up mail and transfer personnel. We put a bubble in safety, broached to 38 feet and waited for the Weeks' motor whaleboat to come alongside. There was a swell running.

The boat came alongside, but it was clumsy. The coxswain wasn't having a good day and used too much engine. The first pass failed. On the second, one passenger jumped from the boat to our main deck, landing on all fours. As the second passenger made ready to board, the whaleboat misjudged the swell and landed on our main deck! The second passenger leaped out, the swell subsided, and the boat slid off our side and into the sea. Two of the boat crew were thrown violently overboard, but were quickly hauled back aboard. Although there was still mail in the boat for us, the coxswain had had it and shoved off for Weeks. We departed the scene and made for home.