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Around The World Submerged


This is a photograph of the Triton Medal, presented to each member of the Circumnavigation Crew by Ned Beach. Ned had the medals cast in Bremerhaven, Germany when Triton visited that port in the fall of 1960. On the face of the medal is a clear anchor with three electron rings circling the shank. The name of each recipient is engraved below the anchor crown. Around the circumference of the medal's face is the inscription, "FIRST SUBMERGED CIRCUMNAVIGATION OF THE WORLD" and "USS TRITON SSRN 586 1960". The edge of the medal's face is encircled by rope. On the reverse of the medal is a replica of The Triton Plaque.

The Triton Medal was meant to be, and is, a very special commemorative of our voyage. Certainly it qualifies as an heirloom and should be preserved as such. Years from now when we are all gone, our descendents will look on this medal with great pride because it marks our place in naval history. And it will undoubtedly have significant monetary value as well.