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Around The World Submerged


Triton carried technical and scientific personnel on board during the circumnavigation - generally referred to as the "spooks" by the crew. But they were all good shipmates and shared the hardships of the voyage with us. In fact, it was harder for them than for us. After all, they were not submariners - and they had no idea where we were going or for how long. The spooks included Joe Roberts, a world-class photographer from the National Geographic Society. Joe was easily the oldest man on board and was very popular with Triton's crew. Dr. Ben Weybrew tracked our psychological state during the 84 day voyage. Ben thought some of us were a little drifty but we explained to him that those in question were the same before the voyage. Scientists Mike Smalet, Nick Mabry and Gordon Wilkes performed a myriad of geophysical experiments. In the photo above, Gordon E. Wilkes takes a reading on the earth's magnetic field. Perhaps the most thankless job was that of Frank McConnell, Electric Boat Engineer. Frank was on the receiving end of the "gripe list" - a compilation of all Triton's defects which EB would have to fix when we got back. Poor Frank had to sleep in the "attic" above the wardroom. His room mate was the vent from Sanitary #3.