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Around The World Submerged



When Ned Beach returned from Washington on 5 February 1960, the word was immediately passed that we had 10 days to load the boat for "an extended voyage." (The understatement of the year.) What followed that "word" was incredible. During that 10 days, all hands worked virtually around the clock. We topped off every tank. We packed supplies and provisions into every conceivable nook, cranny and puka on the boat. And some Sub Base supply shed locks got broken because paper requisitions weren't going to get the job done.

We carried food for 120 days, including: 16,487 pounds of frozen food; 6,631 pounds of canned meat; 12,130 pounds of canned vegetables; 1,285 pounds of potatoes; 1,300 pounds of coffee and as much fresh produce as possible. In all, we loaded 77,613 pounds of food! In this photo, Ramon Baney (top) and Joe Tilenda jam onions around the torpedo tubes.