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Around The World Submerged


The Crossing the Line Ceremony is a British tradition that goes back some 200 years. The basic premise of this tradition is that the instant a ship crosses the equator, all become equal save one class of seaman - the Shellbacks! On 24 February 1960, Triton crossed the equator for the first time and by so doing, entered the Domain of Neptunus Rex, who instantly appeared accompanied by the roar of a water slug. In this photo, the Captain welcomes King Neptune (Loyd Garlock), Ruler of the Raging Main, his cigar-smoking Queen (Wilmot Jones), Davy Jones (Ross MacGregor), the Royal Baby (Harry Olsen), the Royal Scribe, Concubine, Prosecutor, Sea Lawyer, Barbers, Dentist, Baker, High Sheriffs and others of His Domain. The Captain pleaded for mercy for the lowly pollywogs (a standard request) and King Neptune gave him the standard response, "NONSENSE." All wogs were brought before the Bar of Watery Justice and all were, of course, found guilty and subsequently initiated into the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep.