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Around The World Submerged


Sailors have feared Cape Horn since Dutch navigator Willem Cornelis Schouten beat his way around the Cape in 1616. He named it for his birthplace, Hoorn, in the Netherlands. The Cape marks the southernmost point of South America. Storms, strong currents and icebergs make passage around the Cape extremely hazardous. During the age of sail, hundreds of vessels were wrecked while "rounding the horn." It is said that sailors who successfully round the horn are entitled to have a pig tattooed on their right leg.

This photograph was taken as Triton doubled the Cape on 1 March 1960. Every man is invited to the conning tower for a look and we cruise by the Cape 5 times so that every man gets his chance. And what a sight it is. The seas are running about 12 feet, the wind is blowing from the west at 25 knots and a 3 knot current is setting us to the east. It's an experience we'll never forget.