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Around The World Submerged


If ever a photograph captured the face of command, this is that photograph. Ned Beach was responsible for the lives of 183 men for 84 days in a challenging and dangerous environment. Some men are born to shoulder this responsibility; some learn how to handle it along the way - but most men are unequal to such a trust. Ned's experience as a highly decorated World War II submarine officer prepared him for the crucible of command. Because of his leadership, Triton accomplished her assigned mission. Because of his judgment and superb skill, we all got home safely.

This photograph was taken on 2 May 1960. Ned looks like he's had about 3 hours sleep in the last two days. We've just made sonar contact with the USS John W. Weeks (DD701) with whom we are to rendezvous at first light. The UQC doesn't work and Ned is annoyed. We quickly rig our Beach-designed periscope flashing light system and make contact with Weeks. At 0554 we broach and do our business with Weeks. Shortly after 0900, we go deep again and begin the final leg of our voyage enroute to the United States.